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"Motivation is at the heart of many of society’s most pervasive and enduring problems, both as a developmental outcome of demotivating social environments and as a developmental influence on behavior and personality” (Ford, 1992).

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Many questions raise the need for the current research, so let us review several:
  1. Why does a consumer choose to buy a first product and not an identical one offered with a cheaper price?
  2. To what extent motivation factors are influenced by the absence of social and economic sanctions?
  3. How can we encourage change in viewpoints, e.g., cognitive schemas?
  4. How do we encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle?
  5. How do message distractions promote a user's desired choice?
  6. Under what best conditions will cooperation with the accumulation of points and their realization in exchange for a discount or benefits?
  7. How can we overcome cognitive biases in reasoning and selection that result from low socioeconomic status?
  8. How can we overcome the individual interests of the individual in favor of altruistic cooperation for the common good?
  9. When will users choose the truthful mechanism and how can we demotivate deceptions?
  10. How can we reinforce adoption of a new technology or mode of operation that undermines organizational power centers?