From StoryUI to SCOLP

Original concept design by ©Ehud Heller, eitan institute, 2014-2019

From "Descriptive Vision Language using Storytelling Metaphor for Agile Software Design, fostering serendipitous deep creativity in real world experience" to "Open architectural frameworks using block based programming". If you are more of the same, then you don't have a say.

StoryUI logo

From concept and design (StoryUI) to coding (SCOLP). Within the framework of Eitan, two descriptive languages were developed which manifest the speculative design\everything approach that inspires social dreaming, as a consciousness sculpture. The process of software development is an art, not (just) science. It has a director (technical mentor), actors (programmers), stage and sound people (user experience) and there is the creative, innovative scriptwriter without which there is simply no show. Without him the actors will simply improvise on stage as jugglers, a graceful thing in itself, but can easily end in a tragedy for everyone. Software as an art is a thinking approach without which the assimilation of agile software engineering in an organization for which software is (primary) science, will fail.

By presenting StoryUI as a storytelling approach in a process of expressing events and structuring them into narrative and play through hypermedia (text, images and sound), we challenge the traditional model that requires textual technical writing ("scientific") and advocates a visual illustration of a story experienced by its protagonist, the user (the audience of the show). Much evidence exists for both cognitive and emotional benefits of this approach, including memory, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, reflection, abstraction, interest, pleasure, motivation, imagination, identification, and all this while implementing a role-playing technique in a non-linear dialogue.